• To support all the Breweries in strengthening/improving applied Maintenance Standards & Practices of Power Generating Assets within CMMS and leading PM Pillar (for Generators) with the goal of achieving Shop Floor Excellence & Overall Machine Reliability in order to achieve high level Power Generating Equipment Efficiencies and Performance (MTBA, MTBF, MTTR, Utilities Consumption according to design, Machine & Personnel Safety etc) as well as the execution of Power Projects.
  • Leads Continuous Improvement using KPI and TPM Tools.


1. Planned Maintenance of machinery and equipment

  • Ensures that all Brewery Power Generation Assets are available and kept in basic condition through implementation of a structured Maintenance regime in the approved CMMS. Maintenance Tasks are aligned with the recommended Periodic Planned Maintenance Schedules and regularly updated based on new insights and learnings from Breakdown Investigation and Restoration Activities.

 2. System Monitoring and Control

  • Ensures that CMMS is up to date for all Power Generation Assets and Periodic Maintenance Activities & Tasks are planned accurately and executed OTIF within the CMMS.

 3. Improvement in Power Generation Operations & KPIs

Liaises with the Breweries to identify gaps in Generator KPIs & Utilities consumption, develop close-the-gap plans and assist with implementation. Sets up Standard all Performance Monitoring Reports and supports the Breweries to maintain such reports up to date OTIF for assurance of data integrity.

 4. Design, Implementation/Supervision and Improvement of Power Generation Asset Maintenance SLAs

  • Leads design, execution/Supervision of the implementation of Power Asset Maintenance SLAs and OTIF Payment of Services rendered by Suppliers to avoid surprises which impact cash flow and budget management. Ensures each Service Visit is followed with an evaluation Report and feedback to Ibecor and Supplier with the aim of securing high Quality of Service to Bralima in line with signed Contracts.
  • Responsible for identifying and leading developing in-house Specialists per Siege to reduce dependency on Expensive SLAs.

5. Expertise Training in Power Generation Equipment Operation and Maintenance

  • Liaise with POD Pillar/EBAC and others to provide selected and specialist training to Breweries in Operations and Maintenance. Training includes, but not limited to, methodology expert training, reliability centered maintenance training, process kaizen expert training, etc

6. Packaging Spare Parts Management

  • As a subject matter expert, advises the breweries on the assortment of Spares (risk, critical, and fast wearing spares) to keep in stock. Works with Breweries to achieve zero obsolescence of Spares.


  • Participate in asset 3 year replacement plan to ensure that assets remain in healthy state for productionby advising on CAPEX proposals with leadership or strong participation in the execution of such approved proposals.

8. Budget Development

  • In conjunction with the Breweries, OpCo Engineering Manager, finalizes the budget for repairs and maintenance (R&M) and other fixed costs (OFC) for the year.

9. Management of Power Asset Machine Safety

  • Drives the execution of Machine Safety Process to achieve zero accident due to unsafe Machine and Procedures.

10. Management of Equipment Modification (MOC Procedure)

  • Liaise with the breweries and ensure that modifications to plant, machinery or process are carefully evaluated via the MOC Procedure.

11. Participation in Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and PM Pillar Communities, & Implementation of Good Practices in the Breweries

  • Actively participates in above CoEs and Communities and leads implementation of Good Practices in the Breweries.



  • Works with all Breweries to collect Power Generation Equipment safety related maintenance tasks and translate into maintenance plans for execution.
  • Collect legal related maintenance tasks and translate into maintenance plans for execution.
  • Executes Safety diagnostics based in safety reports and inspections.



  • Leads the Management and Organization of Power Generation Asset Master Data within the CMMS. Sets up the asset breakdown structure down to required maintainable item level, defines all PM tasks and inventory items in CMMS according to the master data standards.
  • Leads the Development & Optimization of Power generation Asset Maintenance Management Strategy/System in line the Global, Regional and Bralima SC Guidance.
  • Monitors Asset Performance (OPI or line availability). Responsible for overall Power Generation Asset Performance.
  • Develops the Overall Power Generation Asset Overhaul Plan and drives On Time Parts Receipt as well as Overhaul Execution OTIF (including budget compliance)
  • Leads Power Asset R&M Budget Planning, monitoring and compliance to budget.
  • Drives the Optimization of Power Asset Spare Parts Management
  • Leads Modification of Power Asset Machines and compliance to MOC Procedure.
  • Collates and Manages asset drawings, documents, permits (licenses), warranties.
  • Supports Sourcing strategy; i.e. sets up basic maintenance supplier agreements and/or SLA’s.
  • Conducts the plan and execution of Power Generation CAPEX’s.
  • Leads the Development & Management of Cost Effective Packaging SLAs.
  • Conducts the Plan and Execution of Power Generation CAPEX


  • Supports the OpCo Engineering Manager and reports to HIM in initiating and driving the basic maintenance processes and restoring basic condition.
  • Collaborates with the Engineering Managers in the Breweries to drive all activities mentioned in 3 above.
  • Mentors and coaches Brewery Teams in Maintenance, RBC Activities, Breakdown Analysis, UPS Tools as well as R&M Budget Planning and Management.


  • Leads OpCo loss & cost maintenance deployments in all Breweries and establishes PDCA-process.
  • Assesses current equipment condition and develops restoration plan to eliminate sporadic loss.
  • OpCo Maintenance Pillar Lead – Power Generation Equipment; Leads PM roll out execution, including collaboration with other Pillars e.g with AM for APM Team Implementation etc
  • Supports the improvement of basic standards for safety, process, and quality and ensures compliance in Power Generation
  • Implements systematic breakdown analysis and reduction system (BDA).
  • Monitors impact of PM activities (MTBF, MTTR, MTBA etc) and supports countermeasures to improve preventive maintenance (PM).
  • Starts improvement on focus equipment to eliminate abnormalities and develops basic skills in maintenance and operating teams via training.


  • BPO Power Assets CMMS. All Power Generation Assets data management in the CMMS.
  • Reports on OpCo Packaging maintenance KPI’s; i.e. % assets restored to basic condition, nr. of breakdowns, % ABC analysis complete, Asset performance, % PM plans OTIF, % asset master data as built, Power Asset Spare Parts Purchase to Use Ratio, Obsoletes and other KPIs as designated.



a. Working and Thinking level : Degree in Power Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronics etc).

b. Experience : 5-10 years in Power Generation and Maintenance Management

c. Specific Experience :

  • General knowledge of Power Generation Operations, Maintenance Management; i.e. have basic knowledge of cost driver and performance killer analysis, ABC criticality ranking, preventive maintenance, critical spare parts selection, item segmentation & inventory management, asset performance management.
  • Good knowledge of Maintenance Operations and CMMS (i.e. Asset Master Data Process Owner and Trainer)
  • Excellent technical maintenance analysis- and reporting skills.
  • People management and leadership.
  • Facilitating skills / ability to organize and facilitate workshops for multidisciplinary teams.

TPM & Specific Pillar Problem Solving Tools – Use, Application and Training.  Lean / 6 Sigma, etc.


 a. Safety : The ability to create and maintain a safe environment for employees, contractors and visitors according to the applicable Statutory, Heineken and local regulations, policies and procedures.

 b. Maintenance cost management: The ability to setup an activity based maintenance planand maintenance budget, to drive the execution of both, manage cost and performance within budget and to judge risks against total financial impact (variable cost, fixed cost, working capital, cost of product out of stock…).

 c. Maintenance resource planning : The ability to support the translation of operational needs into an optimized resource planning (People, Materials, Process and Equipment), including manning optimization

 d. Management reporting : The ability to produce and report data accurately and timely; to analyze and interpret this data and to effectively communicate to the relevant stakeholders, in order to facilitate optimal decision making.

e. Project management : The ability to manage a project by developing an accurate plan, defining clear scope and allocating sufficient resources to achieve specific goals OTIF within budget.

 f. Maintenance processes management :The ability to use performance indicators and deployments to reduce input (e.g. cost, resources) and increase output (equipment performance).

 g. Maintenance strategy development and implementation : The ability to translate the operational plan into overall maintenance strategy, objectives, priorities and targets and to create commitment to implement.

h. Service level management : The ability to define, negotiate and manage the service level agreements with service providers. Ensuring that only Services delivered and confirmed are paid or Provisioned OTIF.

i. Maintenance execution control : The ability to effectively develop the maintenance frequency/tasks, work instructions etc in CMMS and continuously improve based on Breakdown pattern and RCFAs.

j. Maintenance engineering : The ability to setup, maintain and optimize maintenance plan in order to maximize cost-effectiveness of the asset (optimizing fixed, variable, logistics, loss of sales costs …).

k. Spare parts management : The ability to define & categorize risk, consumable parts in the CMMS, set the right level of stock against optimal cost and to judge risks against financial impact.


 1. Expected Behaviours



  1. Put Safety first
  2. Act as an entrepreneur |(Productivity & Cost Improvement)
  3. Collaborate through trust
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Learn, to improve

HOW to submit ?

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1. Please send your resume in Word or PDF Format Only.

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